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CCli Event

CCLi Event

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Keeping Up With a Foreign Language

During our last visit to São José do Rio Preto we had the pleasure to attend this great event. The event happened at CCLi which is a renowned Linguistic Center Institute that offers foreign language tuition and translation/interpretation services.

The Speak’n’Rock event came as an initiative to provide students and members of public with the opportunity to get together to practice the English language.
If you are not living in the country where the language is spoken is quite difficult to maintain a certain level of fluency that’s why events like these are so important.

I was really happy to be part of it and was impressed how many people engaged in conversations forgetting their native language for the evening. We also had the opportunity to get to know more about the work CCLi does and were guided to a building tour to see their installations as well as the inspiring interior concept they have created to make their clients feel they’re about to experience a real foreign adventure.
It made me nostalgic to get into their classrooms and remember the time I used to teach, it was indeed a great time!

We want to say huge thanks to CEO Daniel Rodrigues and Team for the fantastic reception, we are looking forward to participating and spreading the good word about more events like these 🙂


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