4 Secrets in Keeping Up with Your New Year’s Resolution

Hello everyone! As we are all trying to keep up with our 2015 year planning, here’s a great article to remind us that rewards also play a very important role in helping us achieve our goals. Most importantly celebrating every small success motives us to continue keeping up with the hard work 🙂 Please find below our guest post article by Lookbook Store, happy reading!

Change is inevitable, they say. But as human as we are, it’s undeniable that adapting to changes can be difficult. The same applies to following through with our New Year’s resolutions. And that’s one of the main reason we can’t seem to fulfill them.
With that said, here are some tips on how to stick to your resolutions.

• List it down

Find a place where you can think clearly and bring with you a pen and a piece of paper. Take a minute or two to go back and reflect on the things you want to change and improve in your life. Then list them down. Afterwards, list down your action plans to help you achieve them.

• Change something one step at a time

Start small by taking baby steps. It’ll take you longer but you’ll still be able to achieve your goals. Besides, trying to make big changes in one full sweep is oftentimes a recipe for failure.

• Don’t beat yourself

Resolutions are hard to achieve since it is what we want to change in ourselves this year. The road can be rough, yes, but if you think you’re not doing the right thing, please don’t punish and beat yourself up.
Remember you have to fail in order for you to succeed. So if you feel like things are not getting your way, just relax. Take a short break and have a deep breath and tell yourself you can do this. Go self, go!

• Rewards

Everyone deserves a treat after a long and tiring day. Rewarding oneself is like congratulating yourself for a job well done in keeping track of your progress and achieving your goal.

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