Black & Red on working days

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This outfit has become one of my favorites. I love it specially on days that I am stuck with time. During day-time I wear it with pointed black flats, but I always bring a pair of heels and a nice evening clutch with me in case I need to go somewhere straight after work.
Everyday business wear can be a lot easier when you can mix and match suit outfits you already have. Investing on separate jackets and trousers is a great way to add versatility to your work wear wardrobe. Even better when you have one item matching two pieces or more.
Suit jackets and trousers or even skirts do not have to be identical for everyday business wear, unless you are going to more formal business events. In this case a matching-matching business suit is definitely the best choice.

Zara Jacket
Top and Trousers by Day Birger
Mango Shoes
Clutch by Michael Kors


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