Mondello Beach






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Hi everyone! Here it is! A selection of some of our favourites views from Mondello. I was delighted to be there for a couple of days. We stayed at Palermo City which is quite close to Mondello Beach. Palermo’s coastline is lined with wonderful small beaches with crystal clear water.
Mondello has stunning views with extensive green areas. The beach lies between two cliffs called Mount Gallo and Mount Pellegrino.
I totally recommend visiting Mondello, its small town offers great accommodation for those who want to have more relaxing holidays.
I fell in love and connected with this dream place and its breathtaking landscape. I’d certainly be back😎!

Photos by: Myself and Lis Montemor


6 thoughts on “Mondello Beach

  1. The beach looks beautiful and the weather is lovely! You must have had an amazing time. It’s on my list of places to visit! 🙂

    1. Hi Sally! How are things? It was amazing, I had a great time! Great to hear you also have it in your list of places to visit so you can also share your experience with us 😎! Tks for dropping by!

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