The Ecstasy of Gold – Sister’s Sky Fall

This week I thought it would be a great idea to add a different article to the blog. I have included a new exciting category and the opening article is a description of my sister’s skydiving experience. I confess I am so proud of her, she’s been saying she’d do it since a long time ago and I told her: if you jump, I will do it too. Honestly, she knew I was afraid and decided to go solo. But now that she described it as a great feeling of freedom and how enjoyable it was, all I can say, is that she inspired me to embark on the very same adventure someday too. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Written by Elis Montemor
Just Like me, some people have their wild dreams written in bucket lists. One of mine was Skydiving. It has been something I always wanted to do and the opportunity came during my last holidays in Brazil earlier in April, so I decided that it was time for me to literally dive right in.
When the day came, after all the preparations and trainings were made, it was time to get into the plane. I just couldn’t believe that it was really happening.
When we reached approximately 11000 feet the plane’s door opened and the instructor and I dove. At that moment I didn’t think about anything else but let myself go and enjoy that sensation.
It was about 40 seconds of free fall and the feeling of freedom is simply indescribable! After all that excitement the parachute opened and then it was time for me to make most of the beautiful landscape of Ibirá city, São Paulo.
Around 8 min after the parachute had been opened we were landing and I was completely overwhelmed with that great feeling of having one of my wild dreams coming true.
Of course I wanted to register this moment in video and photos. The sound track chosen for my video was perfect: The ecstasy of gold, the song is performed by one of my favourite bands Metallica. I absolutely loved it!
My mom almost killed me when I told her about it, but I would totally do it again 🙂 She’d better never read what else is in my bucket list 😉 LOL


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