Song Cover

I just uploaded my first you tube video and I really wanted it to be something related to music. I adore music and singing has always been present in my life, though I don’t do it very often. Covering songs has been a long time activity of mine, it’s so fun to get together with friends with an acoustic guitar to sing along tunes you are into. I am always trying to improve on my guitar playing too, still got a lot to work on 🙂 Oh well…
I got this Music Themed photo-shoot done with Moments Alive and the idea was to have pictures for cover songs videos. I’m happy to able to share a few more of these photos with you. Hope you enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Song Cover

  1. That’s cool!!!!!!! Aí sim fifi voltando as origens, adorei, posta mais. Quem fez seu backing????? A Nene????? Bjao

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