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I came across this beautiful paisley dress in my forgotten wardrobe. I’m finding many things I totally forgot about. This dress was also made by my mom and it makes me love it even more.
We can always find paisley patterns in many designers collections. Paisley is a symbol of the hippie culture and also a trend in Brazil this Spring/Summer 🙂

Deparei-me com este vestido de estampa paisley em meu guarda-roupa. Estou encontrando muitas coisas que eu tinha esquecido completamente. Este vestido também foi feito por minha mãe e isso me faz gostar dele ainda mais.
A estampa paisley está sempre presente em muitas coleções de designers e este símbolo da cultura hippie é definitivamente uma tendência no Brasil para Primavera/Verão 2013 🙂

Bag: M.Montemor
Shoes: Stéfanie Calçados


2 thoughts on “Paisley

  1. Just to say you look amazing and just you to be able to make the most basic daily scene and transform in high fashion! Very proud of you!

    1. Helo! Thank you so much! I do believe we can also create beautiful things with simple items we have too 🙂 I am delighted to receive your thoughts on this post it was exactly what I was trying to achieve!! Tks for your much appreciated comment 🙂 Take Care! Alex xo

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