Cold Fallen Leaves

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Fotor1120181650 duo
Fotor112018205 duo2
IMG_9611 blog
IMG_9656 blog
IMG_9657 blog
It was quite cold when we shot these photos today afternoon, so the idea was to focus on this beautiful dress but I just could not leave the coat behind the scenes. Right after Elis and I stepped out of the door a light shower started to fall. We waited a while then I said: You know what? Let’s try to take some shots in the backyard. I quite enjoyed the space we have and we always forget about it. It is getting hard to do outdoor pics, well at least for me. But with a little patience we got there in the end!
Now back to today’s look I’ve got to confess that this is the dress I’ve gotten the most wear out of! And it’s also the one I have gotten the most compliments about! I adore Devoré Velvet Dresses, they always bring beautiful and unique patterns!

Photos by Elis Montemor
Dress by Day Birger et Mikkelsen
Coat by Zara
Wedges by Primark


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