Late Summer Destination Part 1

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These past weeks have been quite busy collaborating on an upcoming event and working on recordings. I cannot not wait to share more with you all!
Meanwhile I will work on a couple of posts about Mallorca the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago, in Spain.
I highly recommend Palma de Mallorca as a holiday destination. The island has such an amazing landscape and many places worth a visit. We stayed at a Cala d’Or located on the southern half of the east cost of Mallorca, 65Km of Palma. There are a number of resorts and coves to choose from if you are staying at Cala d’Or. Our hotel was at Cala Ferreira, cala means bay and there are many Calas to visit nearby. The beaches are quite small, surrounded by woodland and cliffs. The water is so clear, it is ideal for swimmers. It made me think that I should not postpone learning how to swim anymore!
It gets pretty busy during high summer a local told us, his comment reminded me the reason why I love late summer trips. We went there late october, the weather was still great and we did not have to wake up any early to fight for a good spot in the sun. This was our first time visiting the island and I would love to come back to explore more of the west side of this fascinating place!

Outfit description:
Jumpsuit by Dunnes Store
Sunglasses by Emporio Armani
Photos by Lis Montemor and Alex Montemor Follow on Bloglovin


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