Piano Bar Project

This year I had a special birthday celebration. And the main idea of this created event was to share another passion of mine: music! The playlist choice included some songs that have played an important role in my life, also new catchy tunes were added to cater to diverse music tastes. I have always been really into music and I’ve got to say that the live performance is what made this birthday celebration an important one to me. I covered 10 songs accompanied by a very talented pianist and friend Isaac Akintadey.

The venue choice was crucial because not ever place would provide the right ambiance for a piano bar playlist with songs to be appreciated along with a glass of wine. I wanted it to be the right relaxing atmosphere. The library at Lillies Bordello was just perfect for the night.

It was the best Bday Party I have ever had, with many special guests in the audience people who made this event one I will always cherish. I am grateful for such an amazing night.

The look I wore was the old hollywood glamour inspired. Make up by Benefit and dress by Day Birger. Accessories: necklace by Tiffany’s & Co. and bracelet by Day Birger. Sandals by Dune Shoes.


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