Simply Black & White

A duo fashion moment with my sister as we worked along with photographer Julia was more than an exciting project. Sis wanted to do some studio photos for her second session shoot with and I suggested we could also do some pics together. We have always been best friends and since she decided to come to Dublin we have been inseparable! I am very pleased she agreed on portraying our similarities, our friendship and also portraying the ways we both have fun together.

We created this special moment, showing our support to each other, after all we are not only sisters but truly eternal friends!

Looks description: I am wearing a Zara top, Day Birger trousers + bracelet and shoes Marc by Marc Jacobs.
Sis is wearing a Zara suit, Primark basic top + necklace and shoes by Mango.


4 thoughts on “Simply Black & White

  1. I really enjoyed these photos. It’s refreshing to see such genuine smiles for a change in glamour photos. Very often, all I see are depressed or very serious looking people in glamour shots, or if they are smiling they look fake. Your personalities really shine through, very beautifully and truthfully.

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