Impressions of Amsterdam

Amsterdam can be described as a charming, unique and vibrant city. It is full of canal cruisings, parks, gardens, lovely architecture and a lot of bicycles completing the scenario.
It is the most populous city of the Netherlands and it’s also famous for its diverse nightlife.
The city has a lot to offer, some of the main attractions are: The Rijksmuseum (where a great collection of Classical Dutch art is kept), Hermitage Amsterdam, Van Gogh’s Museum, Anne Frank’s House, the red-light district, and the cannabis coffee shops which draw over 3.66 million international visitors annually.
I spent two days at this exciting city during Spring time. It was still a bit chilly but everywhere was bursting with life and there was a splash of colours on every corner.
In a 2-day tour you can get a taste of the city including few of the main attractions. In order to make most of time, a little research about everything this wonderful city has to offer becomes a must. Also by adapting your itinerary according to your time and preferences makes sightseeing much easier.
My 2-day tour plan started with a walk through the Vondelpark, which is located in the central part of the city, it is also the biggest park with 110 acres. In the afternoon the stop was at the Heineken Experience a beer museum about the Heineken brewery, which also included a journey through the Heineken’s history. And of course beer tasting, my favorite part.
Next day, the morning was dedicated to visiting the Van Gogh’s masterpieces, which at the time were located at the Hermitage Amsterdam due to renovations at the Van Gogh’s Museum. It was a very inspiring journey through his life story and his paintings the ones he simply called “studies”.
After a lunch break, next stop was the Anne Frank’s House where an exhibition on her life and times is preserved. Anne who was jewish, hid from Nazi persecution with her family and four other people. The house, a hiding place where Anne wrote her famous diary during World War Two, also acts as an exhibition space to highlight all forms of persecution and discrimination.
At the evening it was time to look for a nice place to eat. I believe that one of the most interesting things about a place is its food, so make sure you will have time to appreciate the specialities of the local cuisine. Also in Amsterdam the cheese and pancakes are the tastiest ever!
Another good tip, if you have spare time, do allow to lose yourself at a park or through the city canals to get a taste of the everyday life.
Evenings are the most pleasant specially at the Leidseplein, a square full of terraces with lots of people drinking beer and wine. I had a great time at this amazing multicultural city!


3 thoughts on “Impressions of Amsterdam

  1. I’m off to Amsterdam next week for my second visit. It’s been a few years since the first though so I can’t wait to get back there. Your post has made me look forward to it even more ๐Ÿ™‚

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