National Botanic Gardens

I am quite pleased with my most recent shooting at The National Botanic Gardens in Dublin. I went there yesterday with sis and our friend and I’ve got to say that, I felt a little under pressure as to try my settings on fully manual while being left behind once in a while.
I cannot set up my camera rapidly, well… not just yet! Most of the time when I turned around to look for my lovely companions there they were gone away along with the breeze, lost among 20,000 living plants and many millions of dried plant specimens. There are a lot of interesting things to see and to learn at the gardens.
The flowers in the pictures includes the Yellow Hibiscus, Lotus, Asters and Roses just mentioning a few.
It is also great to see the greenhouses, they do add a notable architecture to the whole scenario. Definitely worth many visits!
Pity that my battery did not last long enough. Luckly there were enough pictures to choose from so I could share a few with you. Hope you enjoy them!


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