Pink Make up Trend

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The pink make up trend is one of my favorites this season. It did go really well with the theme picked for this shoot. And it happened to be the main focus of this post!
You can also try this Spring/Summer Pink Trend. By choosing from the many shades of pink including bold shades for festivals or pale tones to achieve day looks.
In order to achieve a toned down day look you can go less crazy on foundation, apply concealer just where it is needed and use loose powder. On the lid choose a more matte formula, on cheeks and lips wear bubblegum shades. Or you can either choose between the pink eye shadow or the lipstick, the most important is to give each of them a go!
Big thanks to Ana Paula and Julia for another wonderful collaboration! I really enjoy teaming up with you guys!

MUA Ana Paula Taborda
Photography by Julia Coptil Gutu (
Dress by Forever 21
Necklace by Primark
Headband by Claire’s Accessories


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