Portrait Photo Exercise

This week I tried my hand as a photographer during my sister’s photoshoot with Julia. We hired a studio at http://www.cameraexchange.ie for the afternoon. So I thought it could be a good opportunity to take few photos and put some photography lessons into practice.
Since I started a digital/photography course at http://www.mkfinstitute.com/ my curiosity has led me to keeping on going and I think it would be also good to keep a record of few practice projects like this one.
Getting into a studio to have some portrait photo practice can be quite challenging, in a studio under controlled light, things appear to be quite easy at first, but it is still a matter of knowing your stuff.
Portrait practice is all about trying to capture and display the subject’s mood and personality. Mostly focusing on facial features but you can also add full body images and background.
Few shots were also taken using both 50mm and 70mm wide-angle lenses, cannot wait to invest at good portrait lens and get more practicing done.
Big thanks to Julia http://momentsalive.com/ and Elis for letting me be part of this shoot and for all their patience to take this eager learner on board!

Model: Elisandra Montemor
Styling by 4yourseason


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